Pupil Tracker

Pupil Tracker

Dashboard screen


  • Easily log all Interventions and Extra-curricular student activities.
  • Reports: Export all data into Excel for reports.
  • Target students easily: Search for and query groups of students.
  • Departments can get an overview of which students are being targeted and which are not in seconds.
  • School Statistics: Easily see what percentage of students are receiving interventions /extra-curricular.
  • Get the ‘whole student profile: Staff can see student engagement in seconds.
  • Middle Leadership: Track the frequency of interventions and extra-curricular activities.
  • Classroom teachers: Find out what activities students are already taking part in.
  • Evidence Gathering: Instantly create reports and ‘evidence trails’ for groups / individual students.

One of the problems with schools is the sharing of information.
Some of the information is available to staff members, some of the time.

In my role as a form tutor and a classroom teacher, one of my biggest frustrations was that I only had about 50% of the information about the child sat in front of me. I could easily access their academic grades, their attendance, and their behaviour record.

This didn’t help me to find out if a vulnerable child was receiving any mentoring.
It didn’t help me to find out if a student who was struggling reading exam questions was getting any extra help in English.
I had lost count of the amount of times I had meetings with parents and I couldn’t tell them if their child was attending booster sessions or extra-curricular activities.

On a wider school level, it wasn’t easy for SLT to collate statists about student uptake and statistics of extra-curricular activities and interventions. Heads of department didn’t have a coherent overview of booster and intervention sessions that their staff were working hard to deliver.

With this in mind, I started developing the ‘Student Tracker’.