Teach Meet Timer

Teach Meet Timer


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As  featured on the influential blog ‘Teacher Toolkit’ 

Click here to open up the Teach Meat Timer.

When I set about organising my own Teach Meet for the first time,  I wanted a way to subtly let speakers know that they are running out of time without interrupting them!

With the help of Marc Fuehnen’s timer fiddle, I have created this online timer to subtly let speakers know when their time is up. By default, it is set to 6 minutes, with the background changing to amber with 1 minute to go, and red with 20 seconds to go. All these settings can be changed in the application.

You could just use it on a laptop or an iPad at the front of the room. Or you could be clever and attach a second display to the laptop, one showing you the time, and another showing the delegate (Ill so some sort of photograph and diagram to show this later!).