3 Jun, 2016

School Virtual Tours with Google Maps

Following on from the work I did last year with 360-degree street view images around school, myself and a colleague wanted to create a virtual tour of the school, complete with images, videos, and text.

We have tasked some groups of Year 7 and Year 8 students with creating videos about the school.

Royds Hall has a really rich history, including being a mansion, a hospital during World War 1, and during its time as a Grammar School the school of former Prime Minister Harold Wilson.

I have been having a play with the Google MAPS API and have created a very simple way using JSON data to overlay the HTML data onto a map.

A link to the GitHUB Repo. 

Next step: Create a simple way for the students to input their findings….watch this space!

A demo of the maps in action. 

School Virtual Tour

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