10 May, 2015

Transport Tycoon: A game to teach settlement growth?

Many years ago, when computers were great big white boxes that made a lot of noise, and getting on the internet meant that you had to sacrifice the house phone line, there was a game called ‘Transport Tycoon’. It came on two floppy disks (or a CD ROM if you were lucky).

The point of the game was to build a transport empire and make more money than your opponents. As a result of increased transport links, towns and industry began to grow around your world. I have long thought of this as good way to teach settlement and industry growth, and in particular the role of transport.

The clever guys at ‘Epic Port’ have now created an online version of the game. As we get to the end of the year, I might just give it a go. Il be sure to put the results on here.


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